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Erin Fischer, LPC, CAS II –
Mental Health & Substance Abuse Therapist


"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." 

~George Bernard Shaw


This quote embodies a belief I have about change.  We must be challenged and pushed outside our comfort zone in order to achieve it and a lot of times changing our mind can be the hardest part.  Change can be overwhelming and daunting but also empowering.  No one gets life right the first time.  Some life issues people can solve on their own or lean on a trusted friend; other times they might need a little more.  Therapy can be a chance to find support or examine a situation differently.  To learn new skills and techniques to create the change you want.  I offer a caring, unbiased approach to help you get closer to the life you want.  Life throws us curveballs, and that is unavoidable, but how you react and manage the stress and changes they bring is up to you. 


Living a life well-lived is something we all strive for and helping my client’s get closer to their meaning of this is a central tenant in my approach to therapy. 



M.A. - Counseling Psychology from University of Denver



B.A. in Psychology from Fontbonne University

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)



Certified Addictions Counselor II (CAS II)

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